I Saved Money by Lying to Myself.

I have a trip planned at the end of this month. I should have been saving all along because I knew about this trip since last year. I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of woman. I am trying to change things to get financially organized. We usually live paycheck to pay check. I recently got angry because I’m tired of not knowing how we are going to pay for certain things that come up. I am changing how I do things. This is how things usually go for us. My hubby gets his paycheck and I go spend it, Point blank no plan no pre-thinking. Need this and this I get it. Now the last two paychecks I needed to save some cash for this trip I am taking. I need at least $400, I have zilch saved. The last paycheck I take out $100 and hide it. I lied to myself and said this is all I have left. I had to pay a bill and still have enough for grocery shopping. I have a family of three. Well, I went to the store with only $60 and a list because I recently started meal planning. I only spent $49 at Food King a new grocery store 30 miles away from me. Now if I would have gone to the store here where I live it would have taken all of my money and still may not have gotten what I needed. I was so excited because I was able to do it and my family didn’t suffer any. This week came along and I had to pay a bill and I kept $200 this time. I went to my local store and bought what I needed from my list. I saved some money. I went through my pantry and fridge to see what I already had and I didn’t need as much. I now have $300. I thought for sure I was going to have to borrow money from my mom or somewhere. This is stupid if I planned and did how a grownup should I wouldn’t have this problem. The thing was that my family didn’t miss the money I had to take out. I am thinking of doing this every week to see how much I can save in six months. I figure if I take $100 a week I will end up with $2,400 in six months.  My point being is by putting that money away I am ready for my trip and realized I can live on less. That is my goal to live on less than we make. I plan to keep saving so we can live debt free. You Tube has many videos on budgeting and saving. Jordan Page and Lydia Senn have some great tips that I put into practice, you can too.


What I am learning from You Tube.

Why should you care what I am learning from You Tube because I am watching the same things you are. How to budget, how to make meal plans, how to de-clutter. This is what I have learned so far on budgeting and saving money all the You tubers say the same thing so it must work. Here are some of the ones I have watched, Lydia Senn, Jordan Page, Pennies to Pearls, and ClutterBug. Here are the basic ideas

  1. Budget-This means to sit down with all your bills and expenses and figure out where your money is going. Did I do this yes and let me tell you the numbers are frightening. Obviously, I love Wal-Mart more than I thought I did.  Let’s just say that Walmart might go bankrupt as I cut back my spending.
  2. Meal Plans- Ok I hate this but it really does help in saving money and time. I found out through Jordan Page you should only be spending $100 per person a month. There is three in my family so that is $300 divide that by four months and you have $75 a week, this tip alone is going to save me money.  Plus now that  I think about what I already have and won’t be buying duplicates. Just as an example ClutterBug said to use a multi-cleaner and use it everywhere to quickly clean up. Well, I cleaned under my kitchen sink and apparently I like multi cleaners cause I had four to five of them. So if I would have checked before shopping I would not have bought so many. Meal planning helps stop this madness. So you search your house and pantry before shopping, great tip. Then you’re not buying six things of noodles every week unless your family eats that many noodles.
  3. Emergency Fund- Very important to have at least $1,000, Ok honestly I don’t have this yet, but I definitely see the benefit in this. Things in life happen and you can’t stop that, but being semi prepared is a good thing. This is a must have it gives you a little peace of mind. This is not to be touched unless a real emergency happens not you need new throw pillows. How do you get the $1,000 sell stuff, don’t eat out, have a No Spend Month. I am planning a No Spend Month in September. Where there is a will there is a way.
  4.  Set Financial Goals- Anything in life you want a plan or goal. If you do not have a plan of where you want to be then you are just going aimlessly. My main goal is to be a month to two months ahead on all my bills. This will take lots of work and less trips to Wal-Mart.
  5. Financial Planner- ClutterBug came out with this. You need to be organized with your finances. You can put your detailed budget in there and a spending tracker, I am using this it makes you think what you are spending your money on. You can put a to buy wish list in there. Maybe a calendar and your bank statements. This helps you stay organized. I have my bill contacts in there too. I use mine and it keeps me organized and mindful of where my money is going.

These are just a few things that I have found that seem to really help. You can save money and get off the broke roller coaster. I am personally tired of living pay check to pay check. I am not affiliated with these You Tubers I just decided to try their advice.  We all work hard for our money and sometimes it is just a good idea to put it to use. Maybe you never thought about how you can get off the “I’m broke” circle hopefully these tips will help you.